January 15, 2018


Catering is one of the best parts which can Memorable for Everyone, and we deal Catering in a Very Special Way. In Wedding Ceremony when you invite your Friends & Family for Celebration, it is not completed without the Food & Beverage.

 We as a wedding planner, have our own Caterers, who are very well known & recognized for their tasty food and the variety in the Food & Beverage.

We help you to decide the Type of Food Menu, Eating Arrangements such as Buffet or Himachali’s Traditional Arrangements where the guests sit in a line at ground and eat food. We Customize the Menu as per the Client’s Tastes and Preferences. The Menu includes Traditional Himachali Dishes, Indian Dishes as well as any other favourite items of the Bridal Couple.

We are committed to provide every Catering Service regarding the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We provide delicious food with great variety & superior quality. Our perfect menu and complete service of food make you feel fabulous in the wedding.